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Write Binding of Isaac: Repentance mods with TypeScript

TypeScript Input

const entities = Isaac.GetRoomEntities();
const deadEntities = entities.filter((entity) => entity.IsDead());

Lua Output

local entities = Isaac.GetRoomEntities()
local deadEntities = {}
for _, entity in ipairs(entities) do
if entity:IsDead() then
table.insert(deadEntities, entity)
The Entire Isaac API, Strongly Typed

The Entire Isaac API, Strongly Typed

  • Code fearlessly without having to worry about making a typo.
  • Mouseover functions to see what they do, saving you from opening the docs.
Powered by TypeScriptToLua

Powered by TypeScriptToLua

  • IsaacScript leverages the excellent TypeScriptToLua library.
  • All of your favorite TypeScript features will be automatically transpiled to Lua.